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"If you were allowed one trip in the TARDIS, Where in Time and Space would you go?"

If I heard the calming, but loud, groaning and wheezing of the TARDIS, I would drop what I was doing and run. I would knock first, because as a first time companion you have no idea which Doctor you’re dealing with here! If I ended up being the lucky gal to be asked on a one time Time and Space trip, I would travel to 15th Century Italy. How beautiful it would be, I can just visualize it now. In the middle of the Renaissance era, surrounded by the culture (and Italian men….ohhh boy!). Now, I know that the question was, what would you do with a one time trip, but let’s face it, evertime the Doctor say’s it a one time trip he’s usually lying! So, my next target of time would be April 10, 1912 in Belfast. If you can see where I’m going with this, then high five to you. I absolutely love the 1900’s – 1930’s. The women during this time changed so dramatically. Just imagine the melting pot of cultures on the R.M.S Titanic, I know the James Cameron movie showed a great deal of differences but can you imagine what it was really like to be surrounded by so many different people? I would definitely be in heaven, I would party with the rich and drink with the Irish! Having said that, would you try and use your one trip/ or two trip allowance to change history? I wouldn’t, because you are who you are today because of the experiences and choices you’ve made in the past, and the choices you’re grandparents, and great grandparents made. One tiny little change could change you for better or for worse. So keep that in mind, just in case the Doctor knocks on your door.


Hello lovely bloggers/readers, let me take you into the wonderful world which is my life. I write about the off the wall, weird and crazy things that happen in my life. I may even give my weird opinion on random matters that are important to me at the moment. I guess I should probably share some of my interests, which include but are not limited to: melty bead creations, video games, going to the gym, cats, ukulele, Doctor Who, comic books, did I mention video games, cat’s again just because they are awesome, netflix, and my job. Yep, I am one of those freaky people who actually likes their job. Not saying my job doesn’t piss me off from time to time, but that’s what retail does to people. I basically blog because I like it, and I think I’m interesting enough to read!

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