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Now, with this poem, it is rather tricky because I want to say that this poem has other people who attributed to the creation of it. So I would like to say thank you to Lauren Sullivan and Jacob Eddings. You guys are grand and I love you.

The Kitty Poem

I had a little kitty

his name was Morning Star

When we are outside playing

He was ran over by a car

He flew up in the air and hit the asphalt with a THUD

His kitty head cracked open and his brains oozed out like mud.

Kitties have 9 lives so I knew he couldn’t be dead

So I put him in a box and kept him underneath my bed

A night I hear him laughing when everyone asleep

Sometimes I feel him licking both my hands and feet

I took him to the bathroom to clean the maggots from his eyes

His rib cage looked like a row of tiny white french fries

Then he started screaming, an echo in my brain

This little rotten kitty is driving me insane

I nailed him to the wall, it had to be done

Then he started screaming again

So I bit off his tongue

Mommy started crying as I tore my cat apart

She held me tight and asked me “Please spit out his heart”

I said “Mommy, why are you crying, you haven’t been bad”

“I won’t do this to you…

Unless you make me mad”


An Ode to Monster Energy Drinks,

Oh how the logo makes my heart go mild,

But when I hear that top pop open,

I go completely Wild.

You are far better than Rockstars, and even Red Bull,

“Cause none can compare to the taste that is full,

Of Greatness, life, and of love.

I believe you are a drink sent from above.

Although you may kill me if I drink you too much,

I believe you are my crutch.

Even though you are a beverage, like none other.

I would totally claim you as my brother.

My boyfriend loves you, almost as much as I do.

I might as well get you as a tattoo.

All I can say has already been said,

Maybe they should make you in red.

Oh, An ode to Monster Energy Drinks.


Posted on: October 21, 2011

This is a Limerick Poem, the story behind this one is, I came up with this poem in the 8th grade, and it never failed that every year after that I would have to do some sort of poetry in school. When they asked for a Limerick, I gave them this one, gave me an A every year!



There once was a kid named Joe,

He had an ugly big toe,

One day he got sick,

Hit it with a brick,

No Joe don’t have a toe no mo’!

This is a “If you can” poem, all of these poems are from when I was in high school, so I know they are going to suck.


If you can love with all you are,

  and not what you wish you were.

If you can see the future and know,

  that you’ll be with your one and only forever.

If you can look past faults, and learn to

  love them.

If you can deal with cracks of laughter,

  and sobs with tears.

If you can deal with spits of anger, and

  hugs of love.

If you can kiss with all your might,

  even if you are falling with sleep.

If you can think for hours of their face,

  and never get tired of seeing them.

If you can deal with them being themselves,

  even though they seem crazy!

If you can imagine the dreams they can

  help you fulfill.

If you can deal with disagreements,

  and make up foot rubs.

If you understand what they are saying,

  when they themselves don’t!

If you can finish their sentences.

If you can say I love you no matter

  who is listening.

If you cannot wait to say

  “I do”.

If you cannot wait to grow old,

  and rock in rocking chairs with long gray hair.

Then you can be, the worlds greatest Girlfriend.

-Morgan Gratton

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