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Alot has happened in a few days, which is why I haven’t been blogging like I would have liked too. Anywho, still going to gym and getting my sweat on. The problem is, I don’t know if anyone just loses energy while going to the gym. I was having to push myself to go, I had absolutely no energy, even taking vitamin b 12….even 2 didn’t help. So when I went to my Doctor for a yearly, mind you it was my first visit with him EVER, he basically laid out my health for me like I’ve never had done before. I’ve been to the Doctor alot, but I’ve never had a primary physician. When he was going through his regular medical jargon, he said “We need to talk about your weight. You are classified as obese, and it needs to be changed.” Now my weight gain was not from eating junk food or lack of exercising, it was due to a form of birth control that made me gain 110 pounds in 10 months. It has been a battle to get it off, and after I stopped that birth control I have stayed the same weight for 4 years. It has not moved one way or the other, so I know it’s not because of my eating habits. Anyway, he called me out on my crap, and I liked it. It was even more set in stone when he wrote it on my paperwork. Obese in big letters, He prescribed me Adipex. I stared at the bottle for 45 minutes this morning contemplating on if I should take it or not. I was scared, and I felt like I was “cheating” myself out of bragging rights when I finally get down to my orginal weight in high school. I mean, it’s a shock to hear that you are extremely obese, or borderline morbidly obese. I still don’t feel like I am, but my weight isn’t in one general area, it’s all over. Its also a wake up call when you go to jog/run in the gym, and you have to get an inhaler so you dont feel like your going to die. Being over weight I didn’t think it was such a bad thing because I didn’t have breathing issues like most big people. But, that was extremely embarrassing for me, especially in front of my step-daugher and friend. When you can’t sprint for 10 seconds on a treadmill, something has got to change. So I took a pill, because even if I feel like I’m cheating myself of bragging rights, it still doesn’t change the fact I work my ass off 6 days a week at the gym for 2 hours at a time. I deserve to see results, and I want results. I will do anything to reach my goal and KEEP MYSELF THERE! It’s not a phase for me, work out for a few weeks, then stop. I figured, I could give anyone insight who is wanting to try this pill. I pondered the idea before I went to the Doctor, but I didn’t think he would prescribe it, but I guess he saw that I needed help.

I took my pill at 6 am, because my boyfriend and I share a car at the moment. I took him to work, and came home. I was so tired I wanted to go back to sleep, and normally I sleep till its time for me to get ready for work (luckily Steve (the boyfriend) and I work at the same place, so it works out sharing a car). I have to be at work at 12:30, so I’d usually sleep till 10:30-11 and rush to get ready, because of lack of energy and being tired all the time. I slept till 8 and woke up with energy you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t go to sleep, so I just laid in bed and listened to music thinking about curtains I was going to sew for my house! It feels so good to be up before 9, and having energy and not feeling like my head weighs 10 pounds. I felt a little twitchy while laying in bed, but I was over thinking the medication (I don’t like to take medication, because I start having panic attacks and freaking myself out lol). I’m totally wide awake. I just hope when this medication kicks in after about 4 days, and that I still have some of an appetite. I’m hungry now, but before I took the medication I was wayyyyyyyy hungry. So the hunger pang has actually lessened, which probably means I won’t over eat to fill that void.


So today, I was looking for pants to wear to work. I usually run late because I procrastinate. Anywho, I was having an inner argument because I knew I had a clean pair of khakis in my drawer, but they had been dried, so they would be uncomfortable and I just didn’t feel like being all smooshed together. I bit the bullet and put them on, and they went on, without any issues, and weren’t even tight. Happiest moment of my day 🙂

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