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Posted on: August 4, 2015

Alot has happened in a few days, which is why I haven’t been blogging like I would have liked too. Anywho, still going to gym and getting my sweat on. The problem is, I don’t know if anyone just loses energy while going to the gym. I was having to push myself to go, I had absolutely no energy, even taking vitamin b 12….even 2 didn’t help. So when I went to my Doctor for a yearly, mind you it was my first visit with him EVER, he basically laid out my health for me like I’ve never had done before. I’ve been to the Doctor alot, but I’ve never had a primary physician. When he was going through his regular medical jargon, he said “We need to talk about your weight. You are classified as obese, and it needs to be changed.” Now my weight gain was not from eating junk food or lack of exercising, it was due to a form of birth control that made me gain 110 pounds in 10 months. It has been a battle to get it off, and after I stopped that birth control I have stayed the same weight for 4 years. It has not moved one way or the other, so I know it’s not because of my eating habits. Anyway, he called me out on my crap, and I liked it. It was even more set in stone when he wrote it on my paperwork. Obese in big letters, He prescribed me Adipex. I stared at the bottle for 45 minutes this morning contemplating on if I should take it or not. I was scared, and I felt like I was “cheating” myself out of bragging rights when I finally get down to my orginal weight in high school. I mean, it’s a shock to hear that you are extremely obese, or borderline morbidly obese. I still don’t feel like I am, but my weight isn’t in one general area, it’s all over. Its also a wake up call when you go to jog/run in the gym, and you have to get an inhaler so you dont feel like your going to die. Being over weight I didn’t think it was such a bad thing because I didn’t have breathing issues like most big people. But, that was extremely embarrassing for me, especially in front of my step-daugher and friend. When you can’t sprint for 10 seconds on a treadmill, something has got to change. So I took a pill, because even if I feel like I’m cheating myself of bragging rights, it still doesn’t change the fact I work my ass off 6 days a week at the gym for 2 hours at a time. I deserve to see results, and I want results. I will do anything to reach my goal and KEEP MYSELF THERE! It’s not a phase for me, work out for a few weeks, then stop. I figured, I could give anyone insight who is wanting to try this pill. I pondered the idea before I went to the Doctor, but I didn’t think he would prescribe it, but I guess he saw that I needed help.

I took my pill at 6 am, because my boyfriend and I share a car at the moment. I took him to work, and came home. I was so tired I wanted to go back to sleep, and normally I sleep till its time for me to get ready for work (luckily Steve (the boyfriend) and I work at the same place, so it works out sharing a car). I have to be at work at 12:30, so I’d usually sleep till 10:30-11 and rush to get ready, because of lack of energy and being tired all the time. I slept till 8 and woke up with energy you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t go to sleep, so I just laid in bed and listened to music thinking about curtains I was going to sew for my house! It feels so good to be up before 9, and having energy and not feeling like my head weighs 10 pounds. I felt a little twitchy while laying in bed, but I was over thinking the medication (I don’t like to take medication, because I start having panic attacks and freaking myself out lol). I’m totally wide awake. I just hope when this medication kicks in after about 4 days, and that I still have some of an appetite. I’m hungry now, but before I took the medication I was wayyyyyyyy hungry. So the hunger pang has actually lessened, which probably means I won’t over eat to fill that void.


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I started mine about 4 months ago and in 4 months I have lost over 30 pounds and wish I would have started it sooner. It’s not some magic pill that just makes the weight come off so if anyone gives you crap about you cheating they are ridiculous because if that were the case no one would be obese anymore πŸ˜‰ I was terrified to start the medication too especially since every online review was scary or talked about horrible side effects plus I also have anxiety so the thought of mixing these two things scared me to death but I too was at my whits end to lose weight. For me it makes me feel jittery and sleepless but no bad side defects and my blood pressure and heart rate have all remained excellent so my doctor has agreed to let me continue use for up to 6 months as long as I weigh in and continue with good vitals monthly. The medication help me feel full faster because it makes me so damn thirsty that I swear I have no room to eat lol plus I’m not sure if you have experienced it yet but it also makes you sweat more. I haven’t done any extreme low calorie diet or low carb for that matter but instead I have been controlling my portions and Make sure I cook ALL my meals so nothing pre-made or pre packaged. I basically took everyone I use to eat and cut it down to a fourth and that’s what I eat now. I still get to enjoy good foods I just make sure they are very small portions and the Medication also starts to help because it gives you tons of energy so you don’t feel like your going to faint. Sorry for such a long comment I just wish there was more blogs on here when I started mine so I knew what to expect cuz like I said I had heard nothing but scary things before haha.

Alot of the things you said I have experienced in the last 2 days. I feel bad because I haven’t stuck to my diet the last 2 days, but tomorrow my life goes back to normal so it’s no more cheating for me! In 2 days I have lost 3 pounds, so hopefully I keep heading in that direction! Thanks for your kind words and advice, I’m glad my blog has reached a few people and they took the time to read and respond. It means a lot to me πŸ™‚

Oh and one more thing, I haven’t been hungry, like at all. I mean at night I feel like I’m a little hungry, but I can cure that with a few gulps of water. About 20 minutes into taking my pill I can feel it hit my system. I’m trying to get to a point of exercising and weighing myself in the morning so I can get a true read on my weight loss. I’m not sleepy throughout the day either. I work in a pharmacy and sometimes things get repetitive, especially counting pills, and it can make your eyes cross. So having that extra energy during the day is amazing !

Sounds like your doing great ! Keep it up and yeah I will be honest I haven’t been great about working out but what I do is let the pill control my hunger so like you said I take it without food usually around 7am when I get to work. I take a break around 10am and I’ll eat some pistachios or almonds and by that time I’ve already drank around 3 water bottles of water. I have lunch around 12 and I make it a point to pack my lunch in a small glass dish so that I won’t over eat. For me it was a challenge to not automatically eat the same amounts I used to , but after I started limiting my portion sizes and letting the pill work I continue to see the pounds come off. Once you start to get your mind set correct the Phentermine really helps curb any “hunger” pains or boredom eating. And yes I make it a point to weigh myself every morning at the same time. Now I know some people say not to do that but for me it works because it lets me know if I need to make adjustments. Yes the energy is amazing I can’t disagree with you there. Keep up the good work and don’t get disappointed even if it’s only a pound or two because as long as you keep losing your on the right track ! I finally hit the 30+ pounds lost in 4 months and I am now into my 5th month. Feel free to ask any questions I’m glad I can be of help πŸ™‚ like I had mentioned before it’s nice to have others who you can share and swap ideas with so I enjoy following your blog!

Thanks sofie, I’ve been struggling with portion sizes. I’ve started buying the double packs of yougurt, and having one for breakfast and having one with lunch, and maybe egg whites. I have to keep telling myself that I don’t need all of that food! The energy was great at first, but I feel like it’s declining as the days go on. But that could be due to sleeping less. But I’m trying to do better about how much I eat, I knew I wasn’t going to be perfect at first, but it’s alot better than what I was doing before. I see my weight fluctuating alot, but I think I’m building muscle at the same time, but I hit the 278 mark, which is 12 pounds lighter!! I just need a big ol note on my face that says “less food is better”. Even with adipex I still get hungry? Is that normal?

12 pounds it’s awesome ! And yes I still get hungry too with it but not nearly as hungry as I used to and I’m not sure what kind of eater you are but for me I eat because I’m either emotional or because I’m bored. When I would diet in the past it was hard because then on top of being emotional and bored I’d also get hungry and just give in and quite so this is where the Phentermine has come in handy. Do you take the extended release capsule or are you taking the tablet ? Also are you on the 37.5mg?

It’s the 37.5 tablet, I take it at 6 am every day. I feel like I may need an extended release, but I see my doctor in another 2 months. I’ve never really been a bad eater, I don’t think anyway. I was on depo a few years ago and my weight shot up. It was the same for about 4 years, and then I started gaining again a few months back to 290. I didn’t really eat alot of healthy things, but I drank Pepsi constantly. I work at walmart pharmacy and when you go to break it’s hard to not want to pick up the first thing you see and eat it, or when you’re on a budget and those 50 cent cookies seem better than the 5 apple slices for a dollar. But with that hunger semi dialed down, it’s way easier to make a better decision. I was thinking of asking my doc about Topamax, but I think that’s something to consider if I don’t have success with phentermine. But I’m going to do everything in my power to make this work πŸ™‚

I’ve never heard of Adipex. Hope it works for you!

Thank you, I read alot about it. Some people have lost 17 lbs in 2 weeks. It seems extreme to me. So I’m still not sure about it, but I’m monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate.

Walk everyday and eat well, but keep your carbohydrate limited to under 100 grams per day. You should feel better in just a few weeks.

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