An Open Letter to Life

Diet + Exercise = Results

Posted on: July 28, 2015

I’ve been contemplating in the last few days whether to get on a prescribed diet medication. I mean, it seems easy you know, just pop a pill and do what I’m doing now and I’ll have results. But, I would feel like I cheated myself out of what I was working for, and running the risk of side effects and I don’t think my skin would look toned or defined as it could be with hard work. Since I know the way to fix being overweight, why not do the work required to fix it, right?  Just a thought for those seeking results the quick way.


2 Responses to "Diet + Exercise = Results"

No easy button here, Morgan. Diet and exercise are important for more reasons than weight control. Having a workout planand following it also sets you up to feel good all day long and it costs nothing. Good luck.

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