An Open Letter to Life

RTG: “Faking Happiness” Topic #1

Posted on: July 27, 2012

So I’m starting this “post-a-day” blog with a random topic generator, hence RTG. I know that doesn’t sound super creative, but what the hell. Sometimes it comes up with way cooler topics than I ever could. I will change the filter from personal, opinion, short story, or whatever I’m feeling that day. Hey, I might just pull a little creativity out of my ass and make up something! But, enough with the intro’s, let’s get down to brass tacks here! Today the topic is, Faking Happiness. Now I know women do it all the time, because in my opinion faking happiness is a whole lot easier than explaining to a man what is wrong with you. Now, the level of happiness you are faking is directly equivalent to the amount you are unhappy. If you are faking it all the way, and are just presenting someone who isn’t even yourself, you have a problem. If you are truly that unhappy, just say something. Only you can change the state of your happiness. Like I tell my boyfriend all the time, if you feel something say it, you shouldn’t have a filter on all the time with someone you love. It doesn’t matter how or what you are feeling, make it known because you will never fix something that you don’t acknowledge. You have to be able to distinguish the difference between faking happiness for the better, and for the worse. Now, some of what I just said is way out in left field, but it’s all true. There is a total difference in pretending you are happy during a outing, or death, or even dinner. But, faking happy for years, with someone has got to be A)tiring, B)tiring and C)just plain suicide. If you sacrifice the only life you have to lead, why are you going to spend it fake happy. The real happy is awesome, I know from experience. If you are experiencing this, just take a look at what you want in life, and how you’re going to accomplish it. You have to put yourself first because no one else will. 


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