An Open Letter to Life

The Kitty Poem

Posted on: October 21, 2011

Now, with this poem, it is rather tricky because I want to say that this poem has other people who attributed to the creation of it. So I would like to say thank you to Lauren Sullivan and Jacob Eddings. You guys are grand and I love you.

The Kitty Poem

I had a little kitty

his name was Morning Star

When we are outside playing

He was ran over by a car

He flew up in the air and hit the asphalt with a THUD

His kitty head cracked open and his brains oozed out like mud.

Kitties have 9 lives so I knew he couldn’t be dead

So I put him in a box and kept him underneath my bed

A night I hear him laughing when everyone asleep

Sometimes I feel him licking both my hands and feet

I took him to the bathroom to clean the maggots from his eyes

His rib cage looked like a row of tiny white french fries

Then he started screaming, an echo in my brain

This little rotten kitty is driving me insane

I nailed him to the wall, it had to be done

Then he started screaming again

So I bit off his tongue

Mommy started crying as I tore my cat apart

She held me tight and asked me “Please spit out his heart”

I said “Mommy, why are you crying, you haven’t been bad”

“I won’t do this to you…

Unless you make me mad”


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