An Open Letter to Life

Monster Energy Drinks: An Ode

Posted on: October 21, 2011

An Ode to Monster Energy Drinks,

Oh how the logo makes my heart go mild,

But when I hear that top pop open,

I go completely Wild.

You are far better than Rockstars, and even Red Bull,

“Cause none can compare to the taste that is full,

Of Greatness, life, and of love.

I believe you are a drink sent from above.

Although you may kill me if I drink you too much,

I believe you are my crutch.

Even though you are a beverage, like none other.

I would totally claim you as my brother.

My boyfriend loves you, almost as much as I do.

I might as well get you as a tattoo.

All I can say has already been said,

Maybe they should make you in red.

Oh, An ode to Monster Energy Drinks.


4 Responses to "Monster Energy Drinks: An Ode"

Great poem! I love unique little poems like this. Now you got me thinking about writing a poem of my favorite drink, haha.

Go for it! Drinks are great

LOL, I like this a lot. I can definitely say Monster works! I drank it driving from Houston once and my hands were shaking on the steering wheel!

Thanks! I thought the poem was great, so I wanted to share it

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