An Open Letter to Life

#285 The Daily Post Response

Posted on: October 21, 2011

Topic 285:

Would you rather have the first word, or the last in an argument? Some people prefer to speak first, others insist they have the advantage only if they get in the last word. Where do you stand?


Depends on where the argument is taking place. We all know that in this day in age it is most likely if you are on the internet, you have had an argument on facebook or myspace or something. In certain situations I will let the person have the last word, but most of the time I am a last word kind of person. Unless this person has mad a total ass out of themselves, only in front of others, will I let them have the last word. So here’s my chart on last words or not….


1. Facebook:

A. If I was trolling, and they kept egging me on, then no they will not have the last word.

B. If I am having an argument with someone and they are obviously making themselves look even more ignorant then they already are, then possibly yes. I will usually just put LOL, until they stop.

C. If I post a status about someone, and they obviously know it is about them, which usually I will just put their name in it. Then no, because I started it, I will end it.

D. If you send me a message talking crap, I will put it in a note for everyone to see. Because that shit is retarded, then…again I will have the last word.


2. Life.

I always have the last word, because I have a right to my opinion and I will state it until you acknowledge it is fair. If we are still arguing, you clearly have not grasped my opinion, so therefore, you are aiding in keeping the argument alive.



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