An Open Letter to Life

Pregnancy, a scary reality

Posted on: October 20, 2011

I did not find the The Daily Post’s topic interesting, no offense, but if I wanted an English lesson I would be in college right now. Anyway, I was thinking about posting a “Morgan” topic.

As I sat here and watched Dr.Phil with my mom, I realized how stupid people are today. I literally believe that society has failed my generation. Now before you start commenting on this hear me out. When I say that society has “failed” us, I don’t mean by raising us right but I mean morally wise. Why are so many teenagers pregnant. It is ridiculous, now again before you start going off, those of my friends who read my blog which quite frankly I know no one does, I mean the 15 and 16 year old who are having sex. They freely admit that they were not told about the birds and the bees or about condoms. Some parents refused to take their kids to get birth control. Teenagers will do what they want to do, I should  know I am one, and knowing this I think the smartest thing to do for your children would to make sure that their future is set at least until they graduate high school. I know that I would have appreciated the gesture when I was 15, but then again I was the most boring child on the planet and having sex was the last thing on my mind. When I became active in the unknown world of sexual intercourse, I knew that having a child was something I was not prepared for, so I got myself protected with the shot. I knew how to protect myself and what to do when the time came because I was educated by my school in health class in 9th grade, and I took the same classes with my friends, and yet they still ended up with babies. I am not judging them at all I love each and every one of them, and I love their kids to death. It just irks my nerves when I see a 15 year old girl on Dr.Phil with child, and she openly admitted that she didn’t have birth control at the time and that she didn’t think about a condom on that moment. Well, I think we need to start teaching our kids about the dangers in not just STD’s but the dangers in having children. Dangers of your body not being ready, or worse you not being mentally ready for this child. We need to start REQUIRING 1 on 1 time with teens and asking them honestly if they are thinking or have been sexually active, because if they have thought about it they will eventually act upon that thought. So keep them safe, get them on birth control. Even if the teens are scared to talk to their parents they need to at least speak with someone who can help.

Most importantly though, we need to teach teenagers self respect. They need to know it is okay to say no to a boy, they are not everything. Virginity or having a child should be saved to experience with someone you love, because it means more and is something to be proud of. Now, we do live in 2011, so I do not believe in sex before marriage. But girls make them wait….it won’t kill them trust me. Make sure they they are willing to stick around for the long haul before you give them the cookies out of the cookie jar, ya dig!

But back on the “requiring” 1 on 1 time with kids to talk about sex seriously, schools should make it mandatory to take sexual education courses, and within those classes, make it required to have a conversation with the parents for homework. We do live in the information era, I know the high school I went to had laptops so they could record themselves talking or write it down or something. Especially the girls, because the boys in the situation can walk away if need be at any time. Of course they do have to pay child support, doesn’t mean they aren’t disconnected as much as a dead beat father, I should now this again because my father is the same way.

Also, to end this. If you’ve had a child young, please believe that I don’t think badly of you because I don’t. I don’t think any child is a mistake, they are their for a reason. I just want young people to be conscious of what the penalties of having children young are. I have no kids, but I am not stupid either, I can see with my eyes and hear with my ears that some mothers wish they had waited. I don’t want a teen to feel as if they are “stuck” with “the kid”, I want them to enjoy motherhood. I want them to enjoy being a mother as much as my mother enjoys being a parent. If you are young, and have a child and enjoy it and feel as if that’s what you were meant to do, I think that is great, the world needs more people like that. It is okay to enjoy sex, it is okay to want to be close with someone in that sense, because it’s in our animal instinct to want to pro-create, but it is also our right, responsibility, and choice to make the decision if we want to have a baby, and its our right, responsibility, and choice keep ourselves safe from STD’s.


Ps. If you are teenager and you are concerned with keeping yourself safe, or getting on birth control. Talk to your parent, or if you have and they are against it and you are are 17, or older contact your local health department, and they may have a program that you can qualify for free birth control. I know that was what I was doing before I made the decision to quit. If you want any more information, please contact your local health department, or family physician.



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