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Topic #278 – The Daily Post Response

Posted on: October 14, 2011

I’m going to write two for this one, because I’m the type of person to watch and re-watch movies. So the last movie I saw that I had never seen before was I Spit on your Grave, also known as The Day of the Woman. The most recent movie I have seen, which was a re-watch, was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Here is my review for both movies.

I Spit on your Grave

If you have not heard or seen this movie let me g ive you the skinny one it!  It’s the 1970’s, a northern woman who is probably in her early to mid 2o’s goes to a small town in the South to start writing a novel. (Quite frankly, if I ever decided to write novel I’m sitting my ass at home.) She orders groceries from the local market, when a strange and awkward fellow named Matthew comes to deliver the groceries on bike. He’s made nervous by her beauty. So a little later on, Matthew goes to tell of this woman to his friends who work at the Gas Station she stopped by before going into her cozy new home. Some how, between them talking about her and a fishing trip, they decided to keep “tabs” on her. Now, if you’re going to watch this movie based on what I have just written…..please be advised. Not for the faint if you get my drift.  ****Spoiler Alert****  So, after about 2 days of this nit-wit boys riding around her house on a boat, she gets the idea to go out on her little paddle raft and just lay in the boat, no gun, no bat, no nothing. The boys ride up on here, tie a rope to her boat and drag her to a part of it that she is unfamiliar with. These boys, continue to constantly rape her over and over again. Mind you, there is four of them. When they are done with her, she manages to make it to her house. She walks inside and there they stand. After another rape session and beating sessions, they leave. Getting scared and quite antsy about her telling, they give the awkward and not all there Matthew a knife and tell him to stab her in the heart to make sure she is dead. He doesn’t have the heart to do it, so he just rubs blood on the knife from her various and many wounds. Shows his ‘friends’ and they leave. She eventually gets up and washes herself off and for 2 weeks plans her revenge. Now here comes the fun part and reason My boyfriend and I bought this movie. She lures them in 1 by one and kills them all. First one to be the victim, Matthew. In my opinion, it was kind of wrong what she did to him, because the movie tried to make him out to be mentally handicapped, or so it seemed to me, so I didn’t agree with it but nevertheless I shall continue with this review. She pretty much lures him in with sex and starts letting him do his ‘thang’ with her. She then ties a noose around his neck and pulls a rope and hangs him with his pants down. Sad right, horrible way to die. 2nd victim, is the guy who has a wife and kids. Now, I didn’t really catch their names other than Matthews, but this guy was the first to rape her. If you watch it, he’s the mechanic. She again, lures him with sex by going to his Gas Station and getting him in her car. She drives to a remote place and he gets out, thinking they’re going to have woods sex I guess. She pulls a gun out and tells him to take off his clothes, he ‘sweet talks’ her into putting the gun down. Then she says ‘lets go to my place, I’ll run you a bath’. Next scene is him in a tub with bubbles and her in the mirror, naked. Now, if you’ve ever seen a 70’s movie, 9 times out of 10, the woman is naked 90% of the movie, this one is no exception. So, the man is in the tub talking about his kids and she starts to do her ‘thang’ with him in the tub, but with her hands. What does this crazy woman do, pulls a knife out from under a towel and cuts his man parts off….O_o! Then, she closes the door and lets him bleed to death while she blares Opera. Now for the last two guys. The disappearances for the 2 other guys gets around they know who did it, so they go visit their little friend. She somehow manages to take the boat one of them was on and starts to toy with him. The other is in the woods with a tomahawk, she drives past him takes his tomahawk and throws it in one of their backs, the other pleading for his life, tries to get in the boat and just so happens to put his body in front of the boats engine, needless to say he doesn’t have a stomach any more. My review is pretty much what happened in the movie, Rating for me   6/10. I didn’t care for a naked skinny blonde on my television for almost 2 hours, nor did I care for her being raped on my screen. Glad she got her revenge, but definitely not what I thought this was going to be. I wanted hack-n-slash, not…rape and …..whatever that was.

Now, on to Scott Pilgrim!

I am not going to go through and give this whole movie like I did with the one before, because quite frankly, if you haven’t seen this you, sir or madam, live under a rock. I mean that with all the respect I can possibly say that with. So, you have the Characters Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Knives Chau, Wallace Wells, Steven Stills, Kim Pine, and Young Neal. This movie is based on a the Comic Book Series Scott Pilgrim. Scott has a love interest, Ramona Flowers, but he is dating a high-school girl named Knives Chau. So, after he goes out on a date with Ramona, he completely falls for her. In order for them to continue dating, Scott has to defeat her 7 evil ex’s.


The way this movie is done just makes me giggle, because I love all the people they got to play the characters. I love how everything in this movie is exactly like a comic book. And, I totally adore Michael Cera! So having got that out of the way, I give this movie a 10/10!  So here’s a list of the 7 evil ex’s and their super power. If you to see how he defeats them, you can watch the movie because it’s well worth it.


  1. Mathew Patell – fireball, can fly sorta, and demon hipster chicks
  2. Lucas Lee- well, his ‘power’ per say is he has body doubles, and he’s pretty much macho man
  3. Todd Ingram- he’s vegan, so he’s psychic
  4. Roxie Richter-  half ninja
  5. Kyle Katayanagi-  Twin- no  power, just good at playing music
  6. Ken Katayanagi-  twin- no power, just good at playing music
  7. Gideon Gordon Graves – Sword, and microchip control

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